Monday, November 17, 2014

Europe - A Woman's Hitchhiking Guide

From Montreal to New York City

After being shown numerous pictures of Greece by a friend, and after humming and hawing for a few days, I decided that was it, I’d quit school (for now) and hitch across Europe with her. Why not? I'm always up for an adventure. And as it happened, a friend of ours, who loved driving insanely long distances, said he’d drive us the 6-1/2 hours from Montreal down to New York City in order to catch a Fredie Laker flight to London - a bargain flight for $99.00. We could buy our tickets in New York on a first come first serve basis. So at the beginning of June, Mary Lynne and I headed off on our big adventure to Europe.

Unfortunately, when Tom pulled up at Mary Lynne's house the day we left, my ex-boyfriend was with him. Tom and Warren were long-time friends and co-conspirators and I smelled trouble, but I held my nose. We passed the border without a problem; of course, in the good old days you barely needed identification to get through immigration, just a wink and a smile from a Canadian neighbor would suffice, but 'the good ol' days' are long gone.

The drive through upper New York State is the beauty of the lush Adirondack Mountains, the oldest mountain range in North America and the clean lakes and cold rivers running beside hundreds of acres of green pastures dotted with dairy cows. In 1967 it was voted the most scenic highway in America. For good reason, but who knows what it's like now?